STAY ON TOP WITH SOftware as a Service
Loosely knitted services compared to hard coded sites


Connected Silos - Several services loosely knit together are more resilient than a tightly coded custom website. This siloed approach minimizes dependencies between functions as they live in different places. You can swap out services as your needs evolve. Shared analytics lets you monitor critical events across the different services and domains.

Reliable Paid Services - Your code maintenance and updates are all included in a subscription with a paid service. A free open source solution like Wordpress depends on volunteers to update the underlying code libraries. While motivated volunteer coders have solved some really challenging problems do you want to rely on volunteers maintenance?

KNOW the tradeoffs

  • More Interfaces - You might have to learn a few easy interfaces instead of mastering one complex setup.
  • Functional Limits - You might not be able to customize everything. Most one-stop services are for DIYers not a pros.
  • Branding Limits - Your branding across services might range from seamless matches to just colors and logos.
  • Tiered Functionality - You might have to pay for a higher pricing tier to unlock a function you really need.
  • Limited Multilingual - Language support is often built out with expansion into other countries.
  • Siloed Data - Reporting that bridges silos will likely rely on exporting and merging spreadsheets.



Fast Time to Market - It's faster to integrate several existing services with 3rd party domains, different subdomains, or sandboxed iframes than to spec and hard code an API level solution. It's easier to maintain. It's faster to swap in new services than untangling a custom setup.

Nimble Workflows - It's easy to mix and match workflows. Personally address high value actions. Automate low value ones. Outsource ones that need specialized knowledge. Depending on your business needs, we look for tools that prioritize ease of use, control, or oversight.


We dog-food, as in use what we promote. The happy hound icon marks services that we use regularly.

Over time we've discovered more great products than we can use. Some of these products fit our existing clients perfectly. We are looking for the right client to try some of the others.

Let clients schedule appointments, pay invoices, and fill out intake forms online. Clients can view your availability, make and reschedule their own appointments without contacting you. Acuity was acquired by Squarespace in April 2019 but it's still available as a standalone product.

Acuity Pricing and Plans

Powerful tool for creating simple, responsive one page websites for landing pages or micro-sites. The templates are good starting points. You can embed third party services with custom code and widgets. The interface assumes some basic knowledge for Html and CSS.

Carrd Pro Plan Upgrades

Cloud storage for individuals or teams. It's consistently been the most reliable one for sharing folders, documents and images to the public or specific people regardless of their device or operating system.

Dropbox Pricing for Indiviuals

Great service to manage both free and paid event ticketing. It's one of the rare ones with conditional logic in its intake forms so you can ask questions in a targeted way. Their only drawback is the absence of a white-label option, their branding might be a distraction for some businesses.

Eventbrite Pricing for Organizers

Google's suite of productivity tools and cloud storage is good enough for most businesses who aren't Excel power users or live in the Powerpoint and Word ecosystem. The cloud storage is solid. An account also opens up access to free analytic tools.

Gsuite Pricing

The platform for inbound marketing. If generating and managing large numbers of prospective customers is a major part of your business activities you can't ignore Hubspot. The free CRM might be a good fit for many small business owners. The paid marketing, sales and CMS hubs are geared towards teams.

Free Hubspot Tools and CRM

Currently billed as an all-in-one integrated marketing platform with mailing lists, landing pages, and signup forms. Its strength is managing mailing lists. Mailchimp's Squarespace integration automatically pushes out newly published blog posts to your email list with all the formatting and content intact.

Mailchimp Pricing and Plans

A one stop shop for ecommerce with point of sales functionality, several billing and shipping options, and integrations with Google and Amazon. For serious online retailers Shopify should be a top candidate. Take a look at our test site and the filtering options available with the separately sold Power Tools App.

Shopify Pricing and Plans

Beautifully designed templates geared towards DIYers. The customization options make it a great one stop starting point for new owners who want to experiment with blogging and selling online. The documentation is really complete and well organized. It's our preferred choice for most of clients.

Squarespace Pricing and Plans

All in one platform for managing constituents, donations, memberships, volunteers, programs, and events. Once you understand the interface, it's a real time saver for generating reports. Centralized data helps uncover insights about your constituents or identify fundraising opportunities.

Totem Pricing

Create landing pages without code. Unbounce's rich feature set includes A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, scheduling, targeted popups and sticky bars. A service that grows with your success, they offer unlimited landing pages starting at $72/month (500 conversions / 20000 unique visitors).

Unbounce Pricing

A alternative to YouTube that lets you host videos without ads or anything else will following your videos. Their basic plan is free. The paid tiers are geared towards creatives offering less upload limits, more total storage, customization of the player, privacy controls, and live streaming at the top tier.

Vimeo Paid Plan Upgrades

Create fully customizable websites without coding. Newly added CMS and ecommerce functionality are improving constantly. This is a professional level product with a feature set that's head and shoulders above DIYer oriented website builders. This site is built with and hosted on Webflow.

Webflow Plans and Pricing

Not simply a video platform, it's a popular search engine too. Though both are owned by Google the two engines are used differently and the algorithms return different results for the same video. Videos favored by YouTube being longer and more entertainment focused, Google's are shorter and more useful.

Online medical care appointment scheduling system which also provides potential patients free search ability for providers by location or specialty. Moved from a flat subscription based model to a per-patient fee in early 2019. This might be an issue in places where 3rd party medical referrals cannot be compensated.

Location based link to Zocdoc pricing


Time - Some products are multipliers, putting you in front of more potential clients than you could ever talk to one on one. Do they let you control that experience to your satisfaction and place you where your ideal customers are looking?

Money - Other products help close the deal, collecting fees for a service, booking, or a product while retaining a portion in return. Do they ensure a smooth checkout process? Is it easy to manage issues that come up?

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