Signed contract
Your contract details the project scope, deliverables, milestones, and total cost.
Receiving payment
Your deposit (40% of the project cost) clears, confirming the engagement.


Why does your site exist?- Besides making you money, who does it serve? What are they trying to get done? A smooth project comes from reaching a mutual understanding of your business goals and your website user's needs, finding the right balance between them, and then distilling them into a clear set of design goals.

Week 1
Hands receiving deliverables
You provide your:
  • Logo
  • Website Copy - rough draft.
  • Graphics - placeholder photos and diagrams.
  • Links to relevant websites - competitors and likes.
Multitasker on phone and computer.
We have a guided conversation about your business context and the role your website plays in it.
Handing off deliverables
You will receive:
  • Design Brief - Outlines goals and project scope.
  • Content Audit - Describes drop in ready content and what you need to create. Also shows the page and folder structure or Information Architecture.
  • Preliminary Roadmap - Proposes delivery targets needed to meet the launch date.
Two women looking at a laptop together.
We'll review the discovery documents together and give you the opportunity to make revisions.
Week 2
Receiving payment
Your second payment (30% of the total) initiates the design phase.


We focus on a visual solution for the design goal. We will get as close as possible to a live website without the final content and images.

Handing off deliverables
You'll receive:
  • Static Comps - Visual solutions to your design goals.
  • Interactive Site - Working key pages using best available content and working navigation pointing to placeholder pages.
  • Roadmap - Updated with available resources.
Two women looking at a laptop together.
We'll review the materials together. You'll have the opportunity to make a fixed number of revisions to the design before we proceed to the next phase.
Week 3
Receiving payment
Your final payment (30% of the total fees) initiates the last phases.


We integrate your final content into the live website. After a last set of tweaks we will make it visible to the public.

Week 4
Hands receiving deliverables
You provide:
  • Copy - Proofread and typo-free.
  • Graphics - Logos, Cropped and color-corrected photographs.
  • Downloads -  PDF's, forms etc.
Handing off deliverables
We won't bore you with all the details of finalizing a website but they can include:
  • Refining - Lists, tables, and forms.
  • Integrating - 3rd party services
  • Redirecting - Old page URL's and the domain name.
  • Registering - Google Search Console.
  • Setting up - Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager.
Week 5
Two women looking at a laptop together.
We'll review the site together and make any final minor revisions.
Week 6


We're here to help you succeed. Training, updates, and monitoring are always included.

Multitasker on phone and computer.
Several one hour help sessions to help :
  • Walk you through site updates.
  • Navigate the provider's documentation.
  • Answer followup questions.
  • Address minor revisions.
Support also includes 3 months:
  • Monitoring visitor traffic and behavior.
  • Addressing issues with appearance on search.
  • Troubleshooting connections between services.


Reach Out- Contact us for a free 45 minute conversation about your website.
Let's see if there's a good fit between your needs and our resources.