A Great Impression

Beautiful Responsive Websites
Optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktops

Mobile Ready- In a multiscreen world, the most important screen is the one that’s in front of your website visitor. Responsive templates adapt to the size and orientation of a viewer’s device. Every visitor will see the same content but the layout, font size, line-height, and spacing between elements will adjust to create the optimal experience for the device.

Eye Catching Design- I start with Squarespace templates or Shopify themes that create an impression of a well organized and well designed high quality site characterized by clean uncluttered layouts, and good typographic hierarchy. I customize the designs to reflect your website’s unique content and audience without reinventing the wheel and building it from scratch.

Optimal Content- We live in Google’s world, a beautiful site only gets you so far if your content is irrelevant. Search engine rankings are an imperfect proxy for relevance to your visitor’s needs. I work with you to make sure your site generates relevant results to google queries to attract visitors and that the site content keeps them coming back.


Valuable Insights

Visitor Data from Google Analytics
Adds a New Dimension to your customers' needs

Standard Metrics- Most sites and hosting providers provide free acquisition & behavior data like the number of visitors and their bounce rate. Sales numbers or downloads will give you an indication about your outcomes. These metrics tell you if you suck or not but not a whole lot to improve your performance.

Better Page View Data- Slightly more effort will generate a stream of information between a visitor landing and leaving your site. All my analytics setups provide page view based data in Google Analytics about where your traffic is coming from and what pages your visitors are visiting on your site.

Even Better, Click Driven Data- As an premium service I setup event driven data tracking with Google Tag Manager, providing detailed data on actions that require clicks or scrolling but remain on the same page like watching videos, downloading a white paper, or opening a form.

Focus on Metrics that Matter

Best! Focused Metrics- A firehose of data becomes more useful when you filter out the noise and concentrate on the signals that matter. As a Google Analytics Individually Qualified Analyst I can help you implement your broader business goals into measurable metrics or Key Performance Indicators for your website in Google Analytics, and setup reporting mechanisms that lets you see the data you need, when and where you need it.


Measure Performance beyond transactions

Well designed analytics can give you insights on visitor behavior that falls outside of purchases or email signups!

Measure engagement- by tracking blog reading time and whether your content has been scrolled through completely.

Measure traffic to physical location- by tracking online coupon redemption and visits to your store location information on your webpage.

Nimble Response

React Quickly to Your Visitor's Needs
with easy updates on a Web Based site

Easy Site Updates- Your website data at your fingertips is worthless unless you can act quickly on your insights. Squarespace is my preferred platform for small business marketing. Shopify for e-commerce.

Focus Your Resources- Save time and effort. Manage one responsive website instead of separate mobile and desktop versions.

Web Based Interface- Shopify and Squarespace's well-designed interface makes it easy to manage most of your content at your convenience anywhere with internet access.

Be Everywhere

Use Your Website As The Hub Of Your Online Presence
With Simple Integrations To Many Popular Services

Broadcast blog posts- across multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr from one place.

Promote positive customer feedback- from website comments, online forums, or local directories as part of your website..

Manage your online storage and emails- with Google apps.

Manage your mailing lists- with website forms integrated mailing list managers like Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

Manage inquiries- with built-in forms, or 3rd parties like Jotform.



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