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Take the time to prepare a really detailed job request. A good outcome depends on matching expectations and avoiding surprises. Here's a few items that a client and web designer should discuss:

Context? Be ready to explain your business context. What you do sell? What service do you provide? Who is your target audience/user?

Goals? Think about your business goals and priorities for your site: Typical examples include increase conversions, improve brand awareness, get more email signups.

Budget? There are different solutions for different budget ranges. The pricing minimums on the form are a good starting point.

Timeframe? Any pressing deadlines?

Design Considerations? Collect images, bookmark similar sites. Be ready to show favorite sites. Most of my clients want clean simple minimalist sites but there's nuance in choices of fonts, colors and images that communicate differently to different people. We want to make the right choices for your website's clientele.

Preparedness? Export your existing content as word files and photos on a Dropbox or Google drive folder that you can share. Discussing it together gives us both a good idea how much work is needed to get it online.

Tom is the most responsive, professional web designer that I have worked with during my career. He is really great at explaining what needs to be done and quick to deliver. He also was good at coming up with creative solutions to client requests. I would highly recommend VeryCleverDesign!
— Betty S.

Contact Tom Pushpathadam at VeryCleverDesign for your website solutions. Please fill out the form for a free 45 min consult.

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Share any existing content as Word files and photos in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder.
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