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Design - I started in architecture but opportunities in computer graphics led to a 15 year career as a visual effects artist/animator on Hollywood movies. In 2013, after seeing 2 companies I worked for go bankrupt, I changed focus to smaller web based projects where I'm closer to the business drivers that make decisions.

Some Code - I code when necessary. My first Wordpress job was an education on how quickly an open source solution can fall apart without regular maintenance. Over time I became a believer in a low code approach that knits together multiple software services that include maintenance as part of the service.

Analytics as a sanity check - I've always worked in a creative context of a team effort with a commercial purpose. Many eyeballs and opinions contribute to a movie before it gets screened. Building designs go through engineering and planning approvals. Tracking how potential customers get to your site and behave offers an opportunity for continuous improvement that also reduces your risk.

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