Shopify E-Commerce Websites

The Shopify E-Commerce platform offers a significant step up from Squarespace in features including:

  • Strong support for different online channels
  • In-Person Point-of Sale
  • Wholesale
  • Customer Accounts with Recurring Payments

Its main limitation are limited layout options for blogging or custom landing pages. That might change but for the time being I recommend hosting these functions on a separate service using a subdomain.

Shopify offers a few free themes that are a great starting point for small to medium sized stores. The code behind the theme's visual appearance is easily accessible and minor updates are supported by shopify.

More complex feature upgrades can be accomplished with paid themes, paid plugins supported by vetted partners, or custom coding by vetted developers.

Pricing tiers are $29/$79/$299 per month with lower credit card rates and 3rd party transaction fees as you move to higher tiers.

Shopify Services

VeryCleverDesign offers the following services:

  • Store setup and design
  • Theme modifications
  • Migration to Shopify from other platform
  • eCommerce Consulting
  • SEO optimization

E-Commerce projects require careful consideration of functionality, existing site traffic and SEO, assessment of any neccessary upgrades to the chosen theme, and additional coding or plugins.

VCD will help you decide the best options based on your requirements and budget. We’ll work with together with a fixed price bid for the website redesign, buildout and launch, with a timeline for deliverables by both parties.

Shopify Example

Below you can see a sample customization of Shopify’s Debut Theme for a fictional Cactus Nursery.

Plants have well structured information that inform a customer’s purchases. Managing that information and leveraging it as part of the product presentation is way to inform customer and part of the website’s SEO strategy as a go-to location for information.

The customization uses the Power Tools App for enabling multi-tag filtering and HTML and CSS to display product variants on each page.

This theme is fully responsive for an equal beautiful presentation on both mobile and desktop.



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