Carrd Microsites

Best Landing Page or Microsite
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Last updated:
July 16, 2020

Simple Versatile Starting Point

A single page microsite from is a good approach for businesses who want a simple fully responsive online point of contact. sites are great for hosting profiles, landing pages for apps, focused campaigns, or event signups. For a solo tradesman or professional practice, a Carrd microsite can complement listings on directories like Yelp or marketplaces like Etsy, Ebay, or Houzz. You’ll be where your potential customers are looking for your services and own a unique URL that's less vulnerable to pay for play shakedowns.

Affordable Pricing

You can access the core features and up to 3 sites for free. More features and additional sites can be unlocked at paid pricing tiers of $19/$49/$99 per year.

Simple Setup

With a site, your key decisions revolve around finding the right content (logo, copy, and photos) to flesh out your site, and filling out a few fields correctly for SEO.

Sample Site

Darrow Law is a sample site designed to showcase a simple informational approach.


Hassle Free Design, Build and Launch

If you need help with site design, sourcing content, feature setup, or with integration with 3rd party services on Carrd consider a turnkey approach with VeryCleverDesign. A fixed cost starting at $2K, and a strong process that will get you a beautiful new website up and running on time and on budget.