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Last updated:
October 31, 2022

VCD relocates

VeryCleverDesign is now based out of San Diego with working hours following Pacific Standard Time.

The last 18 months has been busy, relocating from Hong Kong to Los Angeles in November 2020, then to San Diego in June 2021. Besides house hunting during a pandemic and 2 rounds of packing-unpacking, I was occupied with home repair projects on both sides of the last move.

My availability will be limited through Summer 2022 as I take on a major home renovation project.


I've done several repair and renovation projects over the last 15 years. Each one of them have been a learning experience as the world changed around us.

Who would have anticipated:

  • Home renovation as entertainment.
  • Useful information on the internet.
  • Useful referral services.
  • Outsourced production making more products affordable.
  • The short half life of high end products and new trends.
  • Supply chain disruptions making long established brands impossible to find.

For me any decision now is preceded by hours of online research to find the right fit right now. I've done my due diligence, and I've been lucky so far.

Everyone I hired met or exceeded my expectations.

Every product I bought came on time, was free of defects, and worked as expected.

My experience has made me reconsider the value of VCD's current website services, my marketing approach, and my absence on referral services. I will be reviewing all of the above and will adjust accordingly.

Stay tuned.