We let the elephant out of the room
With Clear upfront pricing

The short answer is it depends. The long answer to the elephant in the room is that your final costs will include my fees, Squarespace’s fees and potentially some other software services. For a breakdown of your expected costs and a typical fee schedule continue scrolling down.


Reduce Expensive Surprises
Fixed Bids based on complexity and assets in place.

Every Website is Unique I try to reduce the uncertainty around expenses by taking several factors into consideration when I prepare a written fixed bid for you.

Starting Point- The simplest factor is the number of pages, From this baseline I can tell you that my rates start at:

  • $2000 for 1 page site (landing page)
  • $3500 for a 4-9 page site
  • $7000 for 10+ page site

Complexity- Less straightforward factors include the number of unique page types, the length and complexity of the text, and the number of images:

A site that primarily relies on photos is simpler than one with lots of text. The main time factor is sorting through and optimizing the images for web delivery and SEO.

With text, lists and tables generally need to be coded to respond to different device sizes or reworked as downloads.

Overall, the number of different page types drive what can be templated and repeated, versus what needs design time.

Preparedness The most subjective area is my impression of how well prepared you are. During an initial phone consultation I will gauge:

  • Are your images well organized, named, and culled to a manageable number?
  • Is your copy ready or a work in progress?
  • Are you waiting on assets like photos or videos?
  • Are your photos and video of professional quality
  • Do you require help with setting up accounts on other services?
  • Is your timeframe realistic for the scope of the project?

Clear 3rd Party Services

Additional 3rd Party Services
Provided on a monthly or yearly based pricing model.

Squarespace and most of the services I setup broadly fall into the category of SAAS or software as a service. Most of my clients don’t rely on Squarespace for their entire online presence. Here are some other expenses to consider.


Domain Name Hosting- Its either free with Squarespace or currently starts at $12/year with Google or $15/year at Godaddy. Look for teaser rates for the first year’s hosting. I recommend paying a little more to decouple your name hosting from the actual website hosting and keep your options open if you decide to change services down the road.

Website Hosting- Website hosting at Squarespace. Either $12/$18/$26/$40 per month. These fees are more all-inclusive than a premium Wordpress equivalent so map out the features that you need when you comparison shop.

Google Apps- Google Apps is my preferred solution for emails, calendars and file storage with business rates starting at $5/month per seat. As a Google Partner I can offer my clients discounts for their first year. Google also offer free accounts for qualified non-profits or educational clients.


Other Web based services- There are a host of new companies seeking to disrupt established business models with web based services that generally start at $10/month for single users. Free trials and discounts for multiple users exist. Many are integrated with Google sign-in’s to simplify your account management. Many services let you embed them on your site through an iframe and are responsive to different device sizes.

Stock Photos- I prefer using original photos but stock photos are within reach of most budgets now. Squarespace has teamed up with Getty Images to offer a royalty free high resolution images to your site for $10/image. Adobe and iStockphoto offer similar rates. In comparison licensing a Getty Images photo for a web usage, will have pricing heavily dependent on your industry, your target market and can cross over $1000 for a year’s use.


$ $ $ $ $


Front loaded payments
Aligned with project phases


My fees are normally weighted 1/3 towards Discovery, 1/3 towards Design, 1/3 towards Buildout and Launch.

Package Pricing

The fees I quote are package prices based on economies of scale. If the scope of work is changed by adding or removing services,it will affect pricing of all the elements.

Deposits & Payments

Typically, to start an engagement, I will require an initial deposit of 30% of the project fee that’s billed towards discovery. Work starts when your payment is cleared. All payments are front-loaded. On larger projects and with a long buildout phase we can work with weekly invoices on a net7 basis.

Hosting Fees During Production

Squarespace hosting fees are included for the scheduled duration of the project. If circumstances intervene and we have to lengthen the project, extra hosting fees will be billed on a monthly basis with an additional 30% service charge.

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