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Tom Pushpathadam

Design, Code, Analytics- I’m a designer with an architecture background, I also code and setup analytics. For over 15 years as a digital effects artist, I’ve transformed data into moving pictures that tell stories in Hollywood movies that you may have seen. In 2013, I changed my focus from animation & visual effects to web based projects under the business name VeryCleverDesign.

2018 Update- I've relocated to Hong Kong temporarily. I am managing my US clients remotedly.More details to follow on how the change in location will impact what I do.

Hands On, From Concept to Completion- When I build websites for clients, I’m hands on and I take your project from initial concepts to final delivery. I work bottom up to understand the underlying context before proposing solutions. This can include interviewing stakeholders, analyzing competitors, developing KPI’s for your site, and sketching wireframes on paper. As an artist I’m no stranger to pushing pixels in Photoshop or moving curves in Illustrator. Depending on the scope and schedule of the project, it's a role I continue to do. I’m familiar with the front-end code that creates the appearance of your website and connects it to some services like Google Analytics. Depending on the scope and schedule of a project I code in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript,or Python to build your website.


What's with the dog?

< “ON THE INTERNETNOBODYKNOWSYOU’RE A DOG.” -Peter Steiner, The New Yorker1993

One of the oldest memes on the internet is that nobody knows who you really are. It continues to grow in popularity as more people come online. Most newcomers haven’t created the signals that let a stranger judge whether they are a dog, a cat or another animal entirely. I’m partial to man’s best friend and I’ve been online long enough to leave a few traces. Please explore the links.



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